Fonte Cucina



Let’s fight food insecurity.

Fonte was born from the idea that anybody can make a difference. We are redefining the traditional restaurant experience, placing an emphasis on equity and community. We are able to reinvest in our community through a buy one, give one model. Purchasing a meal from Fonte will provide four meals worth of food to our food-bank partners across the city.

Fonte aims to fight food insecurity through our Give-Back Model. When you purchase a meal from Fonte, you’re also purchasing a meal for someone who experiences food insecurity.
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Fonte original concept combining “la boccia” (Italian word for bowl) and “Focaccia” (An olive oil-based bread)

Our menu is inspired by the enticing flavors of Roman street food. We’ve refreshed your favorite traditional meals into an exciting, customizable experience. Taste the flavors of Rome right here in Columbus, Ohio. A meal from Fonte can be enjoyed on the go, or at a table with family and friends, but don’t forget a fork and knife. 

Fonte’s menu was crafted with the help of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective.


Anthony Granitsas is the founder and CEO of Fonte Cucina.

Anthony believes social entrepreneurship is the key to creating equity. Studying public affairs and business administration at The Ohio State University introduced Anthony to the world of social enterprise. 

Determined to make tangible change in Columbus, Anthony has taken the reins in building his own social enterprise. As founder of Fonte, Anthony aims to make a difference in the world of food insecurity. He’s working to form relationships with like-minded leaders and missions in Columbus, as well as with food-insecure communities across the city. Anthony intends to lead by example in the food industry by serving customers beyond those who can afford to pay, as he believes all food-centric companies should.